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Mongal Builder Svcs., Inc.

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Mongal Builder Services, Inc.
Your local build and renovations firm.

     Mongal Builder Services, Inc. is a privately held family design, build, and renovation firm that has served N.E. Florida since 2009. With over 70+ years of combined construction experience, M.B.S. has successfully beautified some of the areas most expensive and eye-pleasing properties.
     Mongal Builder Services, Inc. has well-qualified & skilled tradesmen that can handle every phase of any contracted build / renovation project.
      It is this companies belief that no property or project is any more important than the next. We only see improvement and beauty in all of the properties entrusted to our firm and tradesmen. 
      So, whether it's a newly constructed custom home or bathroom renovation, we refuse to leave our clients unhappy with our services. We take great pride in our work and craftsmanship.
      Because of our continued success in the local construction industry we are one of the areas few firms that can offer its clients various project financing options if needed. We here at M.B.S. only want to fulfill your property improvement desires, while continuing to perfect our craft and establish a long-term relationship with our clients.
      Please don't hesitate to contact us for your free consultation and estimate on your next property improvement project.

​Our Skills Are Our Specialties

  1. Commercial
    No commercial build or renovation project is to big or complex for the tradesmen at Mongal Builder Services, Inc. Our design experts and skilled craftsmen can transform your commercial property into whatever vision you may have. If you need efficiency and/or modernization to maximize your commercial space, Mongal Builder Services, Inc. can deliver in a cost effective and timely manner. Please contact Mongal Builder Services, Inc. today to schedule your free assessment with one of highly trained commercial consultants.
  2. Residential
    Residential custom builds and renovations are our passion here at Mongal Builder Services, Inc.. We believe that your home is your castle and should be seen as such by all that dwell in it and visit. Our creative design team and able tradesmen will transform your residence into the "Castle" you've always envisioned it to be while staying within your budget. Please contact Mongal Builder Services, Inc. today for your free consultation.
  3. Conservation (Going Green)
    Mongal Builder Services, Inc. is one of the few local construction firms that is environmentally-friendly in its build and renovation projects. All of our tradesmen maintain clean work areas by industry standards. The uncontrolled collection of excessive debris and building materials at worksites is NOT tolerated and unacceptable. Highly skilled craftsmen consciously keep building material waste-product to a minimum to: (1) Protect the environment directly and indirectly, and, (2) save money for our clients by not wasting materials unnecessarily.
  4. Community Initiatives
    We are currently developing multiple community initiatives for the beautification of the N.E. Florida counties that surround us. Mongal Builder Services, Inc. is a firm that cares about our neighbors. We want to better the lives of all we encounter one build at a time. Please help us to find worthy charitable causes that make us all better people as a whole. Thank you & God Bless you all !!!
Planning   ​&  Strategy
     You, the client, along with Mongal Builder Services, Inc.'s expert design & build teams, sit down together to figure out exactly what you want and how to fund it in a sustainable way.
Dreams 2 Reality
     This is the stage where you, the client, can relax and let Mongal Builder Services, Inc.. handle the remaining phases of your build. All of the headaches & hassles of scheduling, management, craftsmanship, ect. (Yada...Yada...Yada!) are now ours to figure out. We enjoy the excitement & surprises that new ventures bring. Professionals are like swans - we're paddling aggressively under the water while appearing so graceful from above. NEVER LETTING THEM SEE US SWEAT in frustration.

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